Gaurang, a textile savant extraordinaire, has been traversing the country, invigorating the weaving traditions of India. His works spreads across 16 states, engaging 7000 weavers, craftspeople and others in ancillary trades in a perennial stable livelihood. Bringing forth relentlessly the creative and aesthetic ideas, his team – a consortium of artisans with extraordinary skills – weave the best of Indian textiles translating his designs with skill and techniques to create a diverse and timeless grand assemblage of Heritage Sarees. Gaurang successfully operates at the intersection of art, craft and design.

Self-taught designer, Gaurang’s passion in Indian textile and weaving heritage, his deep knowledge of the range of techniques and styles that different regions offer is unparalleled worldwide. Taking forward India’s Century old tradition of hand-weaving with a high degree of ingenuity and aesthetic finesse has been a part of his journey. He understands that the brilliance and array of the Hand loom continues to be an integral part of the lives of contemporary Indians, in spite of several challenges faced by the weaving clusters. 

Along with the constant skilling & cross-training of weavers, the greatest factor that has enabled Gaurang to interest the weaving community is the fact that the work is not limited to an occasional season but runs throughout the year and continues from one year to the next. This has been the vital differentiator which has won the trust of the weaving community across India, which in turn reciprocates by rising to the aesthetic challenges set by the new designs and combinations conceptualized by Gaurang. He has single handed changed the face of not just the textile aesthetics, but also raised the economy of the weaver. By making them independent financially, raised their standard of living and eventually even luring the next generation of the weavers back into the trade, his vision of re-interpreting and taking Indian textiles to unimagined new heights of design and excellence makes his journey worth all the huddles and challenges he faces!